Ever since the Miami Medical Marijuana Act was passed in 2008, citizens can use marijuana for medical purpose. Not everyone can grow it but with Miami Marijuana Delivery, you can get your marijuana at your doorstep without the stress of growing and watching over the plant.

Our services at Miami Marijuana Delivery are top notch. This is not a mere statement; it is a guarantee. We make sure all our clients bid us farewell with a smile after each delivery.

Our delivery guys are responsible, and reliable. They will inform you about the delivery and you will also be informed of the delivery time and if there are hitches along the way. They are cool, calm and collected. They will inform you of any possible change that arises along the way with dispensaries near me.

If you don’t know what to order for, or if you are confused about what to opt for, then you can speak with our customer service team. Here at Miami Marijuana delivery, our impeccable customer service is out of this world.

Many clients are astounded and wowed at the time, attention and communication skills of our staff. They give you this warm, safe and ‘an ear to listen to you feeling’.  Some clients have built good relationships with some members of our customer service team from this.

You need to be twenty one years old or above to be able to be able to place your order and receive your product from Miami Marijuana Delivery. You will need to produce a government recognized form of identification such as your driver’s license or your passport for this purpose.

When you want to receive you’re your order at your doorstep, your money must be ready. If you are paying with your debit card, make sure the card has the required amount and it is fully functional before our driver gets to you.

If you are paying with cash, make sure you have the required amount needed to make the payment. If you will need to collect a balance after making a payment, ensure that you tell the driver before he or she arrives at your end. This is to prevent delay and reduce any form of risk on the part of our driver.

Make sure your phone is with you always. Some people don’t have a flair for their phones and as such they are not always with the phone. This may be a challenge when we need to deliver your order as we will need to contact you if we need to verify your location, give you updates about the journey and when we need to inform you that we have arrived at your location.

Without your phone we will not be able to contact you. This also means that you will have to pay a re-delivery fee if we have to come back again. We want to save you this extra cost this is why we need you to pay attention to your phone. Make sure your ringing volume is loud enough for you to hear.

If you don’t believe all that has been written about Miami Marijuana delivery then you need to challenge us by placing your order. You will never regret it.